Sensuality and Seduction JPG.jpg
2 White Wall Alien Love 2 crop 12x16 c f
Resistance I (2010).jpg
3) Compendium Twenty Thirteen 2.jpg

Paintings are at the core. From Alien Love to Alien Architecture. From Action Code to Puzzle Piece.

Rich color. High intensity. You're about to enter the inner sanctum of Andrews Art World.

Grab yourself an alien lover and browse the gallery.


Put on your headphones. It's about to get immersive.

Each painting is accompanied by spoken work sound audio.

Exclusive insights and imagery from the studio and much more.

Enjoy your journey.

Alien Love

Alien Love

Sensuality and Seduction JPG.jpg
Image 2            ALien Love - Union of
Alein Love, Sensuality 2.JPG
Rose Alien Love.JPG

In Alien Love, I explore themes of social identity, alienation and equality.  I'm conveying socio-political messages and personal attitudes through a fusion of Pop Art and calligraphic inspired elements. 


Alien Love becomes a means of describing for my own sexuality. Initially, the work reflected LGBTQ rights and freedoms. Later, the narrative expanded to include any individual or group which has felt alienated. 

Narrative storytelling is a vital element in this series. This is the story of the conception of Alien Love.  Dejected from their home world. They are forced to live their lives out in outer space, in pockets of space. Here, they make alien love. Far away from their world. Perhaps, one day their fellow planet dwellers will let them come back. Until then, they are in bliss, in a union of love, far above their planet.

The race of alien beings are depicted along with an alien language, called Ackerman code, which is an intermix of numbers, words and symbols.  The backgrounds, painted in black and white, can represent boundaries, such as those between the individual and society.  Brightly painted characters in the foreground symbolize values of personal freedom and expression.  The white and black labels float through these environments as reminders of social adherence and personal preference.  My work becomes a process of breaking through barriers, solving issues and creating balance and harmony.

Alien Love: The Mini-Series

Alien Love A green JPG copy.jpg
Alien Love A yellowJPG.jpg
Alien Love A blue JPG.jpg
Alien Lovers B blue JPG.jpg
Alien Love II.JPG

This is Alien Love; The Mini-Series. The saga continues in these small scale pieces with an otherworldly theme.

White Wall Alien Love

2 White Wall Alien Love 2 crop 12x16 c f
 Pandemoniun 12x24 crop c flat w 2in off
Copy of 362 AA Broken Pony  12x36 crop b
 My Shadow Falls 16x40 crop c flat w 2in

The color forms of alien figures are set against the white wall of the gallery space. This is Pop. This is Minimalist.

A stripped down, alternative version of Alien Love. A commentary on emotion and raw desire.


Changeling (2010).jpg
Image 15            Domain of The Change

The Changeling and its many manifestations. A creature of myth, which cannot be caged or labeled.

Creating its own culture of constant change, The Changeling revels in non-conformity.

Meet the Changeling.

Ghost Labels

Ghost labels & The Golden Labels. 

Alien Architecture Paintings

4) Window of Pain FIlled With My Tears of Tomorrow.jpg
3) Compendium Twenty Thirteen 2.jpg
Resistance I (2010).jpg
Resistance II, 30 x 40, acrylics.jpeg
Untitled AUTOMATIC(2010).jpg
Gore (2009 or 2010).jpg
Las ultimas.JPG
Pulse 5 (Unresolved) 36 x 48, acrylics.JPG
Rushed Fashion (2010).jpg
River of Ghosts.JPG
BETRAYL (Betrayal) -Detail    (2011).JPG

Alien Architecture paintings are founded within grids and frames. We enter through windows, chambers and doorways.

Inside alien domains, mysterious creatures do dwell. Erotic Ferrets. Feminine Machine. A place to lay your crimson heart down.

This is where otherworldly events begin to take shape. Enter the architecture and see for yourself.

Action Code Paintings

Black Blue Pink Composition.JPG
RESONATE 4  by Andrew Ackerman.JPG
Violet Rush (2012).JPG
The Selected Work,  FAME fortune  by Andrew Ackerman.JPG
Rebirth In Black And White

Paintings streaming with the energetic inter-mix code culture known as Ackerman code. The majority of these works were accomplished during sessions of Ackerman Paints Live. In those cases, location, atmosphere, energy and audience all became factors in the creation of the work.


Pastels I (Detail).JPG
Pastels 2.JPG

Paintings created during during a session of Ackerman Paints Live during The Wynwood Art Walk in Wynwood, Miami.

Wynwood Tryptich

The Wynwood triptych was started during a session of Ackerman paints Live. Accomplished in Wynwwood, Miami during the Wynwood Art Walk. It was completed in my studio in Boca Raton.

Puzzle Piece Portraits

Ackerman B #5 9x12.jpg
Ackermen A #1 9x12.jpg
Puzzled, Old & Gray.jpg
Ackerman c 001 9x12.jpg
Ackerman c 002 9x12.jpg
Puzzled, You Primitive! 9x11.5jpeg.jpg

Pop Art Portraits. Psychological. Emotional. Contemplative. Cartoon and comic connections. Abstracting from the realistic realm.

Life-Like Portraits

Self Portrait  Against Green.jpg
Self Portrait  with a Line of Light.jpg
Anna with Emerald Eyes.jpg
Red Heat.jpg

Self-Portraits, friends and more. Done on canvas & wood. Life-Like Portraits.

Layered Paintings 

Layered marks, lines and shapes swirl inside abstracted habits. A blending and tangling of shapes and color. Some getting lost in the confusion. Some shapes finding their place.

Scratch Strata Paintings 

Pockets of furious color. All dancing in a flurry. Scratched from start to finish by human hands. Along with the support of brush and palette knife.


Green Swamp

Swamp evolves from small scale paintings. Several pieces were created under a magnification lens, by making incisions with palette knives and nails, into the surface of canvas and board. The series culminates in a larger piece. Layer upon layer of line and mark form a dense texture culture. Vibrant abstract filled habitats appear like swamp confetti.  Enter the misty swamp lands and beyond. 

Illuminated Code

Script 2.JPG

The studies into the scripts of many cultures spawned a code language all of its own. The further refinement of my own code, Ackerman Code.

Abstract Interruptions

Cliff Hanger.JPG

Landscapes with something further lurking. A hidden realm rarely seen is given new exposure. This is Abstract Interruptions.



Murals. There have only been a few. But they vibrate with electric energy. And offer other ways of building a painting.

The Objects (For The Cosmic Sound Tunnel)

Andrew Ackerman,  The Green Object 2.jpg
Symbol 1      Rotation 2 2.jpg
4_Andrew_Ackerman, The Blue Object, Found object,  Acrylics and Gouache,  2021.jpg
Andrew Ackerman, The Yellow Object, Found object, Acrylics and Gouache, 2021 .jpg

BEHOLD! THE OBJECTS For The Cosmic Sound Tunnel.

Each painted object refers to a sound piece.

As a unified collection, The Objects form the video sequence, The Cosmic Sound Tunnel, a featured segment in From The Dark To The Light: An Immersive Video Experience. (2021)

Paintings Unfinished