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My Shadow Falls On The Dark Soldier

 My Shadow Falls 16x40 crop c flat w 2in

 My Shadow Falls On The Dark Soldier
Acrylics, 16 x 40, 2014


             A confrontation of extremes, the dark soldier sits with his shadow against the wall. As he breathes inside of his isolation, his breathe opens up a space between himself and the life of familiar objects. The boxes saturated in darkness contain the labels through which we design our plastic lives around. We are forced to stare at the stripped down parts of ourselves which may offer us haunting, naked truths of our artificial existence. But internally, the white space is a place where we can relocate ourselves and navigate through our world in a more conscious way. The dark soldier symbolizes rebirth, renewal and a second chance for spiritual awakening.  

My Shadow Falls (Narration)Artist Andrew Ackerman
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