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 Pandemoniun 12x24 crop c flat w 2in off


                                               2014, Acrylic on canvas, 16 X 40

Three neon shapes appear. Floating in a vast desert of white.

A shape, representing a bookend and a portal, simultaneously, is about to be penetrated by the butting head of the guard.

This guard's concern lies only with securing its own space. It will defend its space at all costs as it screams into the concave shape.

The guard's mouth is saturated in neon aqua, in concert with the opposing bookend. The bookend holds the guard in place.

Perhaps, if it is flimsy, it will just fall over. Is it stuck in place like an un-moveable obstacle?

Or it could be a portal holding within itself the potential for unknown miracles?

The guard is in a state of just becoming. Will the form knock over the barrier that has held it in place?

Will it stay where it is? Whatever direction is taken, will it be allowed to move beyond the desert of white, into warmer conditions?

PandemoniumArtist Andrew Ackerman
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