The Window of Pain

Window of Pain FIlled With My Tears of T

    The Window of Pain (Filling Up With My Tears of Tomorrow) 

                               2015, Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36  In.


A window is filled with my dreams and desires. 

Gathered inside of The Window of Pain, My Tears of Tomorrow are collected and saved. 

Static and frozen in time, my tears are charged with electric color. 

You can catch them with your eyes while the window is filling up with pain. 

The curtains are adorned with monsters, beasts and aliens that haunt and hound in the nighttime hours. 

Golden labels file through the elemental table of my mental continuum. 

Nocturnal vigils of the fire flame are held while I melt into a cosmic puddle underneath my falling tears of tomorrow.

The Window of Pain Artist Andrew Ackerman
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