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The Burning of July


                                The Burning of July

Acrylics, 30X 40 In 


It's about to get very hot. Lava flows will flow. For summer is now upon us.

And the old spring traps just won't do it. 


We've gotten bitten by the love bug all too much lately. And now our wild hormones have set us ablaze. 

Those wild offspring. Those boys are collecting up. But see it all from another vantage point, and it's all just men looking. I see a self portrait forming. Eyes gleaming. Lips sucking. Life forming and dissolving.

The geometry is rising, falling and breaking apart. Can you sit with your new flames?

I see a phoenix rising among us. Welcome to the fire. This is The Burning of July.

The Burning of July Artist Andrew Ackerman
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