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Gore (2009 or 2010).jpg


Acrylics, 30 X 40 In , 2019

Once struck, the chord acts as a lightning rod to the heart of it all. Like a stroke, I can feel it down to the core. I feel you!

feel fostered from Gore himself. That electric power fusing through me.

It's all the rage and glamour needed to be inspired so. And simultaneously, it's the visceral, body organ tissue textures

carried through your system. Where urban art crawls into composition. All praise the fire magnet of energy delivered,

like a dove, like a pulse shock unto thine ears now so ready to receive it.

GoreArtist Andrew Ackerman
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On one level, a visual representation of Martin Gore striking his guitar for the track, I Feel You, At a Depeche Mode concert in Sunrise, Florida. That eletric power fusing through the arena and into my ears. On another levek, it's building on gore, as the visceral, body organ textures carried through the work. You can see the effects of Urban Art across the composition as well. This work received the Juror's award in Gillamaufry, The FAU Student Juried Exhibition, in 2009

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