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Ackerman Paints Live

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Ackerman Paints Live (APL) (2012-2013)

A series of live painting sessions & performance pieces created at several performance venues and exhibition spaces throughout South Florida.

Inspired by Action Painting and Flare Bartending, Ackerman Paints Live fuses painting and performance art. The ripping off of paint bottle tops. The artist flinging paint through the air. Dripping paint and impasto application. The artist in character.  Dance moves. Several of the paintings created in these sessions were featured in group and solo exhibitions. Several were created with Rock bands Playing & DJ's Spinning.


Concurrent with these sessions, the artist also created several psychological experiments, such as wearing a mask and talking to members of an audience in third person about himself, rotating a stretcher bar through a crowded audience and presenting a bare wall as exhibition material.


Selected APL Sessions


Wywnood Art Walk: APL & Framed Red Handed 

Framed Red Handed was a performance piece amidst the live painting session. It was a commentary on the artist's feelings about the increasing suicide rates of gay teenagers in the Us reported in 2012. 

The artist framed himself inside of the stretcher bar, with hands painted in crimson red paint. He left an imprint of his red hands across the canvas. A Red light held inside his mouth would shoot light out at his work and passerbys. Leaning into the stretcher bar against the wall, in a sacrifical posture, staring into a graphic copy of his eyes. The artist moved in and out of his character, Glamdrew RichArt, an androgynous artist rock star.

One large and two small paitnings were accomplished. Works accomplished oduirng the Wynwood Art Walk in Miami, FL.

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Several paintings were created on stage at Propaganda. Paint brushes in the air. Paint brushes in buckets. Canvas on Stretchers rotating in circles. Drips from the top to the bottom. 

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APL: Art Serve - Youth of Nations

i live and die everyday for my one love_ my art-  contemplative over my life of art  (whit
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R  I T U A L   P H A S E O N E      I  N

A painting was created on the artist's easel, the floor and while in motion. Performance included, the artist, while holding a rose in hand, enacting a death pose on stage. Use of his palette as a mask & symbolic object. A pair of artist eyes. And collaboration with a DJ. A Feature in The Youth of Nations Celebration at ArtServe in Ft.Lauderdale, FL.

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Profile: Glamdrew RichArt

He's the self- proclaimed Visual GlamRocker of South Florida. 

Glittered and Glamrocked. Learn about his story and what makes him tick. Complete with all  his fantasies, longings and desires. Discover the persona that is Glamdrew RichArt.

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