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Domain of The Changeling

Image 15            Domain of The Change

                  Domain of The Changeling     

                                Acrylics on canvas         

                                        30 x 40, 2016

Satisfy! Satiate! Surrender! You must be Hunger Hungry! On either side, lie the eyes of society. Watching and waiting to throw its demands at you! 

The jaws of death lay hidden at the four corners. The caged bird and the bird escaped both hover around the prison cage. At the center, of your exit and

existence, The Changeling summons you out of your self imposed exile, launching calls of non-conformity from its breath. This is where the fire and water become one. Those are all its moving parts. You can never pin it down!  It speaks in an alien tongue. Get quiet.

It's never too late. Reach out to take it! 

Domain of The ChangelingArtist Andrew Ackerman
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