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Alien Seduction

Alien Seduction, 2010, a painting about attraction and universal love.

   Alien Seduction

                                2011, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40  In.

A sensual being pays homage to the disco ball dance floor as an immense attraction of love becomes widespread. Forced to inhabit pockets in space, perhaps they are seeking a planet devoid of hatred.

This piece celebrates a universal love which should never be denied.

Alien Seduction Artist Andrew Ackerman
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Alien Seduction (In Depth)


Alien seduction reflects my experiences of navigating through the gay nightclub scene in South Florida. These spaces offered a unique magic energy. With my newfound freedom, I found new ways to transfer color and form through social narrative in my paintings. I am represented under the disco ball as the The Disco Ball Dancer character. It's more than just the club scene, it's liberating. Alien Seduction is part of the Alien Love series.

See Sensuality & Seduction for more. 

Alien Seduction (Details)

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