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Broken Pony

362 AA Broken Pony  12x36 crop b flat w

Broken Pony

Acrylics, 12 x 36, 2014

Two objects of affection are playing a rousing game of cat and mouse with one another. This is a game of imperfect beings in an imperfect world. The obelisk is bathed in black. Armed with its projectile needle; a sexual tool. Dangerous, like the stinger of a deadly creature, pointed at its fallen prey. A flimsy shape, an ostrich, with its head in the sand. Danger and foreboding. The dark shape dominates while the light form lays docile, seeking beauty, off the frame. This piece represents the different sides of our egoic mind. It is a portrait of power and affection. Of predator versus prey. And it epitomizes the necessity nature of our give and take relationships.

Broken PonyArtist Andrew Ackerman
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