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The Gentle Slam

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My paintings deal with themes of social identity, alienation, equality and spiritual reflection. Sociopolitical messages and personal attitudes are conveyed through a fusion of Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism and calligraphic inspired elements.


In the series, Alien Love, I depict a race of alien beings with an alien language, called Ackerman code, an intermix of numbers, words and symbols. Originally, a commentary for LGBTQ+ rights and freedoms, the narrative has grown to include any social group which has been alienated in society.

Working primarily in acrylics, I begin my paintings with black or white backgrounds, representing the boundaries which exist between society and the individual. Brightly painted figures in the foreground symbolize values of personal freedom and expression.

The black and white labels float through these environments as reminders of social adherence and personal preference.

My paintings become a process of breaking through barriers, solving problems and creating balance and harmony.



I craft my own brand of rock music, employing hard edged raspy vocals and luxurious glam-infused vocals. My ambient electronic soundscapes represent the alternate domain of my musical repertoire. Each piece is an invitation into an immersive experience. Place a pair of headphones upon your head for full immersion and the journey begins.



My performances consist of spoken word and sound. Video and live performance are my vehicles for presenting the work. These narrative driven pieces become an integral part of my immersive experience projects.




My immersive projects are the culmination of the different facets of my work. Utilizing painting, sound, video, performance and installation, I transform a space into an alien world. If not a physical space, then the world inside the video screen, for an immersive video experience. I explore the connection between artist and audience. As I guide you through my world, dissolving boundaries along the way, you become experiencer and eventually participant in the unfolding events of the work.


I Just 

My trip to New York, in Summer 2021, breathed new life into my art practice. I developed a new collection of songs and staged several studio and live performances.

I'm currently developing my next immersive projects to be featured in  exhibition in early 2022.

By embracing new media, I continue to push the limits of what is possible for my work. My practice becomes a path for experimentation of new ideas, integration of different media forms and the expansion of my evolving art practice. 



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I’ve been making art since before I knew what art was. I began drawing at age three on the walls in my house in Brooklyn. Then, one day my mother gave me a drawing pad and said, “Here Andrew, draw in this drawing pad.” Those were my formative years of art-making. 

In my teenage years, my mother cleaned my brushes, took me to museums and offered me in-progress feedback on my work. In my college years, she attended all my art exhibitions and reprised her role as my biggest fan.

Her gifts of kindness and love have nurtured my expressions far beyond my formative years. I am grateful, inspired and I carry our forever love forward through the work.


I work across a diverse range of mediums and media. My art practice is grounded in drawing and painting and extends beyond to include poetry, music, video and performance. More and more, I find myself as the central character in my different projects.

To My Mother, Sharon Ackerman, who gave me my first drawing pad, cleaned all my brushes in my formative years and attended all of my art exhibitions. To My Second Mother, Gwen. My guardian. You guide and nurturer my creativity and foster my future path of devotion. My Cousin Blanche, My favorite ballerina. Your energy and stories enliven my practice. To my Grandmothers who encouraged my early drawing. To my Great uncle whose dedication to art and art law inspires me generations later. Thank you. I love you always. -A

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An Immersive Video Experience

By Artist Andrew Ackerman

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