An Immersive Video Experience

By Artist Andrew Ackerman

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From The Dark To The Light & The Objects For The Cosmic Sound Tunnel

Currently Featured In The New Group Exhibition in New York City

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From The Dark To The Light: An Immersive Video Experience


This project is dedicated to Sharon Ackerman.
My mother, muse & friend.
For our forever love.
Love, Always. - A

ABOUT The Experience

From The Dark To The Light is an immersive video experience by Artist Andrew Ackerman. It is a multi-level project combining painting, performance, video and sound. It’s a rock & roll spiritual hybrid.The Objects for The Cosmic Sound Tunnel segment of the experience, will also be featured in the exhibition. Follow the artist through his world. Travel From The Dark To The Light. 

ABOUT Special Features

The following is a collage of  various works from the experience. Selected by Artist A.  They comprise the core of the experience. The full experience was featured in the group show. See Blog for more.

Exclusive Content

 Video Stills

Video Pieces

Artist Commentary


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The Electric Passage is one of several bridge segments featured in the project.
Through these bridges, Artist A. ferries experiencers from one level of the experience to the next. This particular sequence is one of two featuring Alessa, Artist A's Keytar, on screen.

The Electric passage is a fusion of Keytar Rock Performance and Green Screen animation. 
The sequence also represents the evolution of AAW Sessions, Artist A's performance Rock series, with installments released since 2017. 

"This is a personal favorite of mine in the project. Dark 2 Light serves as an incubator for my next work. It is only the beginning. Combing such visuals with my LIVE Performances will be another potential direction. And the composition created is one of a melding, shaping volcanic painting.  To push the limits of the mediums and media of which I am working with. To evolve my practice forward with these particular processes. It is an exciting adventure. And one which I look forward to bringing you on." - A


Breathe of fire.jpg
With The Dark light.jpg

Dark Dark World is the first of the four core pieces which found the project. 
This piece was intended for LIVE Performance. Then the Quarantine was enacted. In the solace of the studio, Dark Dark World took on a whole new life. It became an immersive work with  sound effects and green screen animations. 



Truth and reflection. 

It's all right here. And It's dark. It's Dark Dark World!


And those pretty little shells

They're You

You see out there

& They're me

Look Out
For The Cosmic Choir Music




And you're a good friend. You're such a good friend. As far as I can tell...

See: The Gentle Slam 1: Grand Design, the precursors to Dark Dark World

Dark Dark World

The Cosmic Sound Tunnel

IMG-1769 2.png
The Cosmic Sound Tunnel (3)Artist Andrew Ackerman
00:00 / 13:41

Selected Songs From The Experience

From The Dark To The Light (Rock & Roll Overture) Artist Andrew Ackerman
00:00 / 13:41

Dark 2 Light:  Project Blog Posts

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The Future of This Experience Project

This has only been one serving of the several servings which make up the full project. The  full project's running time is 70 Minutes. Artist A has plans for the future of this project. At which time, you will find out more. For more on this iteration of Dark 2 Light as well as a potential future iteration,  We will revisit this project and offer new visual and audible treats at a future time. So please stay tuned.  - A

I am considering offering another half a handful over the next several weeks via  The AAW Blog. So, look out for those treats as well. 


Thank you to 

Thank you for joining me for From The Dark To The Light. Please stay tuned for the next experience.

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