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Escape Into A Blind Reality: Transitions In Black & White

Escape Into A Blind Reality: Transitions In Black & WhiteArtist Andrew Ackerman
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8) Blind Escape Into An Unknown Reality-

                                                                                                                    E​scape Into A Blind Reality: Transitions In Black & White

                                                                                                                    Acrylic & Oil Pen on Canvas 

A primitive form is seen in a static charging motion. With the intention of ramming is triangular head into that which separates itself from the outside world, from society. It becomes an invocation for freedom. Adesperate attempt at self sufficiency in the dark, where no one is looking. On the other side of the societal dividing lines, lay the dreams, the passions as well as the golden labels. The golden labels represent labels, those which are self imposed and those which are given by society (to name, categorize and simplify uniqueness.)


(Golden labels)  Symbolic of labels which define us through our past lives and our current one.  They can be positive or negative, depending on the user and the wearer.  Nonetheless, they remain as relics and as God-force code, as insight into our true nature and how we identify and are identified in the world.


For the origins of the Golden labels, See: “The Window of Pain" (Filled Up with My Tears of Tomorrow)

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