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I’ve been making art since before I knew what art was. I began drawing at age three on the walls in my house in Brooklyn. Then, one day my mother gave me a drawing pad and said, “Here Andrew, draw in this drawing pad.” Those were my formative years of art-making. 

In my teenage years, my mother cleaned my brushes, took me to museums and offered me in-progress feedback on my work. In my college years, she attended all my art exhibitions and reprised her role as my biggest fan.

Her gifts of kindness and love have nurtured my expressions far beyond my formative years. I am grateful, inspired and I carry our forever love forward through the work.


I work across a diverse range of mediums and media. My art practice is grounded in drawing and painting and extends beyond to include poetry, music, video and performance. More and more, I find myself as the central character in my different projects.


To My Mother, Sharon Ackerman, who gave me my first drawing pad, cleaned all my brushes in my formative years and attended all of my art exhibitions. To My Second Mother, Gwen. My guardian. You guide and nurturer my creativity and foster my future path of devotion. My Cousin Blanche, My favorite ballerina. Your energy and stories enliven my practice. To my Grandmothers who encouraged my early drawing. To my Great uncle whose dedication to art and art law inspires me generations later. Thank you. I love you always. -A